November 6, 2007

NBA 2007-08 preview: Southeast

When this division was created, it was predicted to suck so badly only the Heat had the realistic chance of winning – the emergence of Agent Zero and Washington’s “Big Three” made if effectively a two-team division; then a developing Dwight Howard placed O-Town in the loop. Now the Hawks are proclaiming they’re back… right.

Charlotte - They have May and Okafor, if felt like the ACC, but even the Redick-led Blue Devils may even have a chance. Getting J-Rich will help, but remember that GSW was nothing before Davis showed up.
Best performance: NIT (hahaha)

Atlanta - It seems the Hawks are finally complete… but can they win? I don’t even remember who their coach is anyway. Either they’d end up with 40 wins or 40 losses.
Best performance: Just barely out of the playoffs

Washington - Their second game against the Celts exposed the Wiz’ weakness: they play bad defense. Even Butler can’t stop Ray Allen. It seems Agent Zero has to do a Kobe (ballhog his way to 50 points a night) to keep the Wiz in contention. And if their own version of the “Big 3” gets injured, then say goodbye to the playoffs and hello to the lottery.
Best performance: First round

Miami - Surprised eh? You thought I’d give them their fourth successive division title. No. Not that I’m still bitter about 2006 (hahaha), but lets face it, a lot of old people go to South Beach to retire – it’s sunny, good climate, lots of hurricanes. It seems that the Heat are one big retirement family.
Best performance: First round

Orlando - Dwight Howard is maturing wonderfully; it seems and feels like Shaq all over again. What the Magic needs to do is to get an A-list PG. Face it: Jameer Nelson is at most a back-up to A-list teams. Signing Lewis was a big move for the Disney boys, let’s see if it’ll pan out.
Best performance: First round

You've read that right - no team from this division will pass the first round. Guaran-sheed.

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