November 1, 2007

NBA 2007-08 preview: Northwest

Ah, the soggy northwest. Always raining, always boring. This might the place where no team wins in any sport (save for Boise State). In the NBA, expect more of the same...

Seattle - The de facto #1 pick (since Old-en was injured) Kevin Durant will have a lot to do at the soggy northwest, especially Allen went East and Lewis lost the championship to Kimi - wait, that's another Lewis.
Best performance: See the Texas Longhorns last year.

Minnesota - Kevin McHale was a great playa for a white guy, but he's a bad front office guy for a white guy.
Best performance: Out of the playoffs

Portland - It's a good thing Portland has a backup when Oden's old knees gave up - their other first-round pick - albeit two seasons ago. LaMarcus Aldridge needs to bulk up, though.
Best performance: Good thing's the Oregon Ducks beat the Trojans a week ago...

Utah - When you speak Tagalog, "Stockton to Malone" means "Stockton jumped." However, white guys can't jump (OK, enough of the white guys already) but they can sure as hell able to direct plays. Which brings me to Deron Williams, a white guy, if Jerry can coach Deron and be a good enough playmaker, Utah can easily win the Northwest, given the especially weak affairs of the teams. However, when we speak of white guys, we shouldn't forget Andrei Kirllenko, who whined like Kanye West after winning at the EuroBasket (hey at least AK-47 won something). If AK-47 whines some more, the entire team may come crashing down.
Best performance: Second round

Denver - Remember Denver, the last dinosaur? Melo should've had watched that when he was four years old. Now what Melo has to do is remember Denver dunking the ball. And then make it through the second round. Hey, even if you have AI, it still won't be easy, even if you win your division. And the "other" K-Mart should remember his Nets days...... oh, he had Kidd back then.
Best performance: Second round

Up next: the hot southwest.

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