November 1, 2007

NBA 2007-08 preview: Southwest

Also known as the Mavs-Spurs division (Rockets fans are angry), this has to be the toughest division in all of basketball. The last three Western Conference champs came from this division, not to mention the Rockets and the Grizz were able to enter the playoffs in the last three years. The Hornets organization must be crying that they transferred to the Big Easy: Katrina and a competitive division. It sucks to be Chris Paul nowadays, he may have the ROY but Deron had a superb playoff run last year.

Of course the Spurs and the Mavs should emerge on top: the question is which one of them? Will it be the eternally boring SAS or the chokers DAL?

New Orleans - As I've said earlier, Chris Paul is teal with envy. But if Peja emerges from injury scot-free, then they can challenge the Rockets to the division's third spot.
Best performance: First round

Houston - Everybody must've forgotten which individual had the biggest choke-job last year; it's not Dirk, it's T-Mac. Haven't even surpassing the first round, T-Mac should retire if he fails to lead the Rockets to the second round. However, if both T-Mac and Yao remain healthy, the Rockets won't be having a problem.
Best performance: Second round

Memphis - I betcha you've seen this already, but what the hell...

Sheed must be happy Darko graduated summa cum laude at the Rasheed Wallace School of Linguistics, I wonder how Sheed learned Serbian though.
Now really, Darko should impart this to his new teammates, especially the aloof Pau Gasol, who has the Spanish football teams as his idols - always loaded, always failures.
Best performance: First round

Dallas - I'll be totally unbiased. The Mavs will win it all this season. Itago nyo sa bato.
Best performance: NBA champions

San Antonio - Would Pop regret giving up Scola? Would Duncan injure himself? Would Eva and Tony... never mind. One's thing for sure: The Spurs haven't repeated as NBA champs, much less as Western Conference champions.
Best performance: NBA Finals

Next up: Southeast.

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