December 9, 2007

Strike Three!

It's been a month already since the Writers Guild of America (aka the people who write the stories in your U.S. America TV shows) went to the picket lines. Hollywood is brought to a standstill and people with ETC have to watch reruns of Leno and Conan. Heck even Jimmy Kimmel won't "work" at the 2007 AMAs (not the computer school) and have to content himself dancing with Kellie Pickler.

Which brings me to... Heroes. Yes, that TV show where the heroine makes out with every male cast member on and off-cam (including the dog)... I've given up on Smallville already (Lois and Supergirl won't save that show), Prison Break has too many dudes and 24 just plain sucked. Hell, even Zaido would've been better......... ok, Zaido sucks, but Kokey sucks even more.

I haven't been watching Heroes that intently, I sometimes miss some eps so when I start watching again, I ask "who's this hot blonde girl who's not taller than Hornswoggle?" Even Molly looks like she grew up already, while that Indian guy won't even shave. And whatever happened to the Japanese guy? Can't use the time-space warp? It's been 20 years already so the time-space warp machine might need a little fixing, eh?

Pretty soon those who are watching the latest seasons of their favorite shows would watch the last episode of what was supposedly a 20+-episode fix. Maybe that's why Jack Bauer had to go to jail, he can't finish the job in 12 hours. Us viewers would be short-changed. Of course we need more Claire make-out sessions, or more bald guys running away from the cops, or Teri Hatcher denying she's into menopause, but what can we do? Listen to Boom-tarat-tarat in high definition stereo? Wait for a day for the latest SEA Games delayed telecast? Watch reality programs where people have to touch poo? Wait for Marissa Cooper to rise from the dead? Hope that MacGyver invents something to resolve the strike (like bowling balls, perhaps)?

Oh well, at least reruns were invented... those writers would just get a teeny-weeny from those anyway. Or better yet, buy DVDs, they won't get anything from return.

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