May 31, 2008

Top 10 reasons why the Celtics are in the Finals

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Being a Lakers fan, I've learned to accept that you'd have to hate certain people, certain teams. And after being indifferent for 4/5 of the way, I now hate the Celtics. So here are the ten reasons why the Celts won.

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10. Because Tom Brady is officially a New Yorker.
9. Because KG sucks, good thing KP-43 is there to save the day.
8. Because New York Texas Rangers suck even more. (Ooops, that's the SPL.)
7. Because Jeff Van Gundy doesn't have a man-crush among the C's.
6. Because I love the Red Sox and Big Papi's big muscles which are as natural as Lindsay Lohan's breasts.
5. Because Jeff Van Gundy's real man-crush is Mark Jackson.
4. Because TNT is tons better than ESPN/ABC.
3. Because Danny Ainge loves the Celtics so much, he'd sell the future for a title. Hey, it "worked" on 2006.
2. Because Kevin McHale loves the Celtics more than Ainge.
1. Because "David Stern made it happen" happens.

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