June 3, 2008

Ten reasons why hockey is so much cooler than hoops

Ever watched a game of ice hockey? In our shores, you'd almost certainly never see a ice hockey game on free TV; even on cable you won't find one. Good thing internet TV and DSL were invented so we can watch the Stanley Cup Finals, a.k.a. the appetizer for the spring's sporting spectacle -- the NBA Finals.

10. Because it's on ice. Ice = cool.
9. Because when you think of McFlurry, you'd remember MarC-andre Fleury and his tons of saves in Game 5.
8. Because the Joe is a LOT better looking than the Igloo.
7. Because the 20,000 screaming white people can have a say on what happens in the rink -- they can melt it with the sheer force of breathing.
6. Because white people that can't jump would rather skate.
5. Because the NHL sells Sidney Crosby much like the NBA sold their 2005 Finals.
4. Because the fans are hella crazy. They riot when they win the Conference Quarterfinals (First Round) series. How hardcore is that? Take that, Warriors fans and your lame yellow tank tops!
3. Because hot chicks watch hockey. And they play, too!
2. Because you can lose your spleen while playing. Talk about a body check, eh, Steve Nash?
1. Because you can throw octopuses on the rink. Now, try throwing a cup of beer on Ron Artest's handsome face.

With that said, I support my avian friends the Penguins. Red Wings suck.

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