May 30, 2008

Top 10 reasons why the Lakers are in the Finals

As the #47854784784 Lakers fan, I'd might as well give my tribute on my new favorite team.

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10. Because in the NBA, trades that no freaking way happens except in the PBA happens.
9. Because Vanessa Bryant is so much hotter than the L.A.'s resident WAG. (Go ask David Beckham what "WAG" means.)
8. Because, seriously, who watches the L.A. Kings? The Ducks kick ass. They even made a movie about that great hockey team.
7. Because Joe Torre will carry his Yankee magic to the Dodgers and they won't make it past the NLCS.
6. Because the L.A. Angels are so not in Los Angeles.
5. Because there are no NFL teams in L.A.
4. Because "I come to L.A. to escape the Mormons in Utah" happens.
3. Because they have Jack Nicholson. Even Utah's Zanessa can't beat that. Take that, Sharpay... and your gay brother/sister.
2. Because the Laker Girls have a lot more history than half of the NBA franchises.
1. Because David Stern won't accept the NBA having NHL-level TV ratings. Heck, even a horse race pre-empts the NHL Finals. No way would David Stern allow that.

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