September 24, 2008

Ten reasons why Mendiola will be flooded with drool

Dynasty beckons for the San Beda Red Lions, and for them to legitimately assert this is to win their third successive title.

But not if John Cena can help it.

10. CEU Panthers will turn into pussy cats if San Beda wins.

9. Law firms will make it sure San Beda will win in any court, be it a basketball court or the court of law.

8. MVP will make it damned sure.

7. Ogie Menor's mohawk can slice hopia like a hot knife through butter.

6. Frankie Lim needs to win as much as coach of the year trophies as possible to prove that he's the greatest coach ever.*

5. If JRU wins, Andrei Felix will be inducted into the broadcasting hall of fame and nobody wants that.

4. Pia Boren will do a Nanny Carrie if they lose and it won't be pretty. Seriously.

3. Jay-R Taganas will eat all of the siopao Mendiola has to offer.

2. Pong Escobal is ABS-CBN's answer to GMA's Chris Tiu.

1. Sam Ekwe will shave his head bald for the rest of his life if they win.

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