September 21, 2008

Top 10 reasons why La Salle will win the championship

Yes, you've heard that right, La Salle will win the championship, although I'm not rooting for them. In fact, I'm rooting for nobody, I just want them to beat each other up senseless, CSB style a la Lucky Manzano.

10. Because Lasallians can outpay Casio's Binondo money.

9. Because Marko Batrisevic will make a comeback a la Willis Reed.

8. Because Bader Malabes doesn't want to go back to Bahrain (or Qatar or wherever he came from).

7. Because Franz won't forget his ID

6. Because Franz won't abandon La Salle, unlike what he did to the under-18 team...

5. Because Chris Tiu has tapings of Pinoy Records every Thursday.

4. Because green is the color of victory.

3. Because L.A. Revilla watched "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" (or the even more aptly titled Veronica Mars episode).

2. Because we can't wait to see them guest in Game KNB? where they'll showcase the Lasallian brand of education.

1. Because they'd forfeit the trophy anyway when someone digs up dirt that one (or more) of their players is/are ineligible.

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Tuesday: Why JRU will win the championship.
Wednesday: Why San Beda/Mapua will win the championship.

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