April 20, 2009

Ten things to watch out for in the NBA Playoffs

Nah, it's not how many times Kobe dunks over Paul Millsap to emulate what King James did to the Motown boys two years ago, nor how many burgers Deron chows down before game time.

10. How many times Solar shows KFC VTRs every start of the quarter.
Hmmmm. Me want chicken. Wait, are those even chickens? It's like they're hypnotizing us.

9. How many times Solar filp-flops on their schedules
Like I almost wasn't able to see the Mavs-Spurs game 1. More on this later.

8. How many times Derrick Rose proves he's better than MJ
Imagine this: MJ wasn't able to win against the Celtics, tie Kareem's playoff debut record, and have at least 35 points and ten assists in one game.

7. How many times Ray Allen has to miss the game-winning shot
I still remember the last playoff game held at the KeyArena. It was against the Spurs, and the Sonics needed a trey to win. To Allen's credit he was really well guarded, unlike last the time...

6. How many times should
the Sixers appear to have control of the series, and then lose
They did this to Detroit, and even led 2-1. What happened? Heck, there's the Flyers anyway, but the Pens will take care of them.

5. When would we able to see the Sixers-Magic series on ABC?
Me: Please?
ABC: No. We'd rather show... The Unusuals. Amber Tamblyn is hotter than "Sex on Fire."

4. When would T-Mac play?
Because I wagered against the Rockets!

3. When would we see Miley Cyrus and Shawn Johnson on halftime?
Like please.

2. We know that Hubie Brown and Tim Duncan are close but...
...when would Hubie stop on calling Duncan "Timmy"? Can't they have a clone of JVG instead?

1. When can see more of Heather Cox
Since Erin Andrews is strictly for college sports, and since Heather is... fiery.

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