May 21, 2009

Note to Charice

Please see song # 12.

Before this gets to be DMCAed. Or like that.

And yes, I like the title for song #1.

And yes, JoJo is hot, and since you are here anyway...


  1. please note that charice. lolz..

  2. yeah leona lewis' bleeding love didn't make it, right? because it was a cut from jesse mccartneys'album...

    another notables...celine dion's power of love n whitney's i will always love you...

    even beyonce's if i were a boy was from someone else's album...

    hope that's a lot of infos for ya.. hehe

  3. Even LISTEN by Boyence was sang 30 Years back by certain Lee, so whats wrong for NTG be sung by Charice, Jojo did not make Poppular even Bianca too. Diane own the NTG Song where she can give to any Singer not to Jojo alone or Charice alone, or to any Singer that can sing and make Diane Song be popular.


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