August 22, 2009

Is that your final answer?

Bossing Vic and Joey at the WW2BAM set. on TwitpicIf you've been following me on Twitter, you've found out already that I was a part of the audience of TV5's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? hosted by Bossing Vic Sotto. It was the second season premiere, and Joey de Leon was the guest contestant.

So how was the show? Did TV5's canteen served up awesome food? Did some perky contestant got too... perky? Did Joey win the 2 million pesos cash prize? (By the time you read this anyway the episode had aired already.)

So many questions. They'll be answered. After the jump.

So the set was rather small. The black background gives it a spacious feel when you see it on TV. The director briefed the contestants, and since it seems that he doesn't have a floor director, he himself told the audience what to do, like when to clap, how loud the clapping should be, and how loud should we show our love to Bossing.

While the director was briefing the contestants, we've overheard him telling the contestants that since it is the second season premiere, Bossing Vic will have a special guest contestant, no other than the one and only, the controversial Joey de Leon.

The contestants had a dry run of "Fastest Finger First," then a few moments later the show is on the way, since Bossing is in the building!

So after the audience yelled out their lungs, Bossing carried out his usual introduction, but a really perky young girl was giggling hysterically so she had to go out, and Bossing has to have a "Take 2." Then he called out the carry-over contestant from the first season's last episode.

He was on the P100,000 question and he took a long time in answering, the question was: "What is the capital of Finland?" Actually, he answers to Bossing the correct answer (Helsinki), but when Vic asks him if that is his final answer, he backs off, and the cycle repeated for like ten times. He eventually got mustered emnough courage to blurt out "final answer" and we was right. This was edited out on the broadcast version. He really took a long time to figure it out. He still walked away with P150,000 when backed out in his last question.

So now it's Bossing introducing the man that needs no introduction, Joey de Leon. Joey bulldozed his way through the first five questions; he didn't even let Vic ask him, "Is that your final answer?" There was even a question on who is Philippine basketball's "The Big Difference," and everyone had a hearty laugh when Jimmy Santos was one of the choices.

The next five questions weren't that easy, but Joey used deductive reasoning to weed out the right answer. Joey even had the time to bash Willie Revilliame. On the P100,000 safe haven question, Joey faced a tough question. It's about the play on which a certain movie is based upon. He followed his guts and went with "Casablanca" but right before he asked the audience and used his 50:50. I thought it was the other choice so I gave the wrong answer to Joey. LOL.

Now Joey is on the P400,000 question, and it's about Aristotle's lantern. Joey originally picked the correct answer (sea urchin), but he deviated when he used the reasoning that "Aristotle's lantern" has to do with knowledge or intelligence. Since the dolphin is the most intelligent among the four choices (the other choices are sea horse and another sea creature), he stuck with dolphin. Vic informed him he was wrong, but the kids at the PGH will still get P150,000 from the show.

Ah, so it's dinner break, and we had to go back to the ABC-5 canteen. And the food was cold already. I saw the giggling girl being chased by her chaperon, and we resume the events, next week, since I don't want to preempt TV5.

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