August 21, 2009

Top 10 sports TV theme songs

What better way to pump you up for a game than a heart-stopping theme song? That song you'd always associate with a particularly sporting event. When you hear the "Pussycat Dolls," that means its ESPN on ABC's crappy coverage of the NBA on air. When you hear Sandwich's "Laban Kung Laban" it's ABC's coverage of the PBA. When you hear Boom Gonzalez singing a capella, then you're probably high.

Which brings me, the sport coverage bodies here in the Philippines change their theme songs (if they do have one) every season. I'd prefer for them to use one constant theme over and over again, so when you hear that song, it's game time. Same with the graphics. Let ABS-CBN sports use the same graphic for all of their sport coverages. In their (and many others') case, they use different graphics for every league, every season. It would've been better if they used the same constant graphic for all leagues every time, perhaps the only time it'll be different is if it is broadcast on another channel. (I particularly dislike ABC using ESPN's graphics when it is aired there.)

So here are the top ten theme songs for sporting events, and no, this one isn't included.

#10: Olympics on NBC

Unlike the rest of the entries, you'd only hear this every four years. And even though you may not know it, you've probably heard this before,

#9: "Heavy Action" (Monday Night Football theme)

Forget about the Monday Night Wars, this was the thing for sports every Monday nights.

#8: NBA on TNT

This was before the now-familiar black circle with red rims logo of TNT. this was the time when MJ was burning hoops a la your favorite steak house.

#7: Premier League Anthem

No matter what TV station the Barclays Premier League matches air, they'd always use this song over and over again.

#6: "The Hockey Theme"

What's better than a nasty fight on ice? The original "Hockey Theme" on CBC. Since CBC can't pay, CTV bought the rights and remixed it to hell.

#5 "Champions League Anthem"

Again, just like the Premier League anthem, this is the only song they'd use on any broadcaster the Champions League matches air.

#4: College basketball on CBS

It's cheery, and it might be older than you, that's how great this song is.

#3: Major League Baseball on Fox

Even if you're not into baseball, you should've heard this somewhere else.

#2: "The Chain" Formula One on BBC

The bass guitar alone is sure to pump you up to drink up haterade for Fernando Alonso.
The original song by Fleetwood Mac.

#1: "Roundball Rock"

There's only one theme song for NBA fanatics the world over: this song from John Tesh. If you're an NBA fan and you don't know this song, then you belong to the "fanboy" class of fans.

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  1. If you don't know #1 you don't deserve to watch tne NBA. Seriously.


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