August 30, 2009

The homestretch

So it's the homestretch of the UAAP tournament and the key games are upon us. Here are the lowdown on these big games prior to the playoffs. The first "key" game will be Sunday's Adamson vs. Ateneo game. Ateneo playing for the first twice to beat advantage berth, while Adamson plays for dear life.

September 3 at Araneta -- UE vs. UP. For UP, this will be all or nothing since if they lose here, they're kaput, no matter what happens to the latter game this day.

September 3 at Araneta -- UST vs. La Salle. This will be a virtual elimination game for La Salle, if UST wins as expected against NU. Expect the Gang Green to come to full force on a Thursday. If UST does win both games, not only La Salle will be eliminated, but also Adamson and UP. Hence the hopes of four teams hinge on this game.

September 5 at the Arena -- La Salle vs. FEU. Assuming La Salle does fend off UST, FEU will have something more important to accomplish, with a win clinching their twice to beat advantage berth in the semifinals. A win by La Salle keeps them in the hunt, assuming they've won over the Tigers two days earlier.

September 10 at Araneta -- La Salle vs. NU. Now let's assume that La Salle wins both games against UST and FEU, this game will be crucial for the Green and White, for a win might clinch them a fourth-seed playoff against UST.

September 10 at Araneta -- UST vs. UE. If as expected Ateneo and FEU clinch the two twice to advantage berths. this will be a matter of placing; pick your poison as I say. These will also be the last game of the elimination round for these two teams, and there is still a possiblity for UST to tie UE when they'll play this game, so it can also be considered as a virtual third-seed playoff. Or for UST's case, if they lose two prior to this game, this will be a virtual "avoid a fourth-seed playoff" game. If they lose, they'll might play a playoff against La Salle. Which isn't particularly rosy considering if they'd play such a playoff, that means La Salle has a 2-0 edge against them in the eliminations.

September 12 at Araneta -- FEU vs. Ateneo. Assuming both teams win all of their games, and with the twice-to-beat advantage for both teams intact, this will be for "placing," with Ateneo playing for the #1 seed, and FEU playing for a playoff for #1, assuming we'd see one this season.

So those are your key remaining games this UAAP season. Enjoy, watch, cheer, bash, kick a la Joshua Webb, do anything. Win. At all costs.

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